How to include a URINARY SYSTEM PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   A holistic systems approach to health care requires that the Health Guardian has an understanding of each of the organ systems. The urinary system is where the kidneys filter blood to produce urine. It helps eliminate a waste product called urea from the body, which is produced when certain foods are broken down. The system includes two kidneys, two ureters, the bladder, two sphincter muscles and the urethra. The importance of the urinary system cannot be overemphasized. The various physiological functions of the urinary system fulfilled by the kidneys and associated structures show how fundamental to bodily health and well-being they are.

   In the urinary system pathology prevention should focus on nourishing the tissue and helping support the normal functions of various organs and tissues involved. The Health Guardian can follow these prevention guidelines to keep the urinary system safe and healthy: Eat plenty of high-fiber foods, Drink enough water, Be physically active, Keep a healthy weight, Make healthy food choices, Do pelvic floor muscle exercises, Go easy on the salt (which makes you retain water), Consider reducing your caffeine intake (drinking caffeinated beverages may irritate your bladder), Drink extra water when exposed to sun or during exercise, Urinate and clean yourself before and after sex, and Wipe from front to back if you're a woman.

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