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phytolacca americana L., Poke Root

guaiacum officinale, Guaiacum Wood

zanthoxylum americanum, Prickly Ash Bark

salix alba L., White Willow Bark

menyanthes trifoliataBogbean Leaves

zanthoxylum americanum, Chaste Tree Berries

actaea (scimicifuga) racemosa, Black Cohosh Root

harpagophytum procumbens, Devil's Claw Rhizome

dioscorea villosa, Wild Yam

vaccinium myrtillus, Bilberry Leaves

curcuma longa, Turmeric Rhizome

carthamus tinctoriusSaffron

apium graveolens, Celery Seed

equisetum arvense, Horse Tail Aerial Parts

filipendula ulmaia L Maxim, Meadowsweet

boswellia serrata, Indian Frankincense

arctium lappa, Burdock Root

angelica archangelica, Angelica Root

achillea millefolium, Yarrow

taxaxacum official L., Dandelion Leaves


Dried Orange Peel

Dried Cranberries

Dried Hibiscus Flowers

Dried Lemon Peel



These ingredients are recognized to be safe by the FDA under the G.R.A.S. provision.

NOTE: This product and information about the product, are not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or disease. For diagnosis or treatment consult a medical professional. Information provided on this site is for educational purposes and decision enablement only. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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