Immune System: The Cancer Treatment Companion®
   The purpose of this infusion is to leverage synergistic relationships between antitumor herbs, system wellness, and whatever treatment you may be receiving. Our infusion helps to strengthen the endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, nervous, urinary, and digestive systems using 11 pharmaceutical grade herbs.
33 Tea Bags Per Package At $26.39 Each.


   The Cancer Treatment Companion® complements various cancer treatment regimens. It is truly a “complementary” medicine as opposed to an alternative approach. It helps the body regain a healthy state that is maintained by the constant adjustment of biochemical and physiological pathways supporting the interrelationships and interdependencies between organ functions both during and after therapy. The Cancer Treatment Companion® promotes catalyzing, cellular binding, cellular repair, functional repair, nutrient transport, and blood flow to the organ system, tissue, and cellular levels within a holistic protocol of a pathology prevention effort. Its biochemical mechanism of action is cleansing and to prevent negative actions within the immune and cardiovascular systems.

   This is one of the PathologyPrevention’s specialized infusions which has a light-blue background on the label to help differentiate it from a SYSTEM maintenance infusion with a light-green background label.

   A single package of the Cancer Treatment Companion® contains 33 teabags. These 33 teabags are vacuum sealed for your protection and the preservation of their herbal medical properties. This bag is resealable after opening and should keep the teabags fresh for 4 to 6 months after opening. The sealed teabags are made with fine paper fibers that allow tea to steep quickly while keeping sediment and smaller tea leaves of the finer grade teas from escaping into the infusion. The teabags are made in Germany from all-natural, unbleached paper with no chemicals or artificial ingredients to taint the flavor of the infusion. They are environmentally sensitive, completely biodegradable and fully compostable.

PROTOCOL: We recommend including the Cancer Treatment Companion® as part of a broader (holistic) battery of infusions supporting all 11 of the body’s organ systems, one different system infusion each day, over a 11-day time period, then repeat. In this protocol, all 11 organ systems are incrementally maintained every 11 days. The infusions are designed to overlap, and synergistically support all of the organ system functions.

This infusion should be used to complement that which your medical physicians are providing. During and after cancer therapy your blood, immune and cardiovascular systems need a greater holistic boost. The Cancer Treatment Companion® should be added to the protocol throughout the day. You should also consider the Lymphatic Enhancer® and Immune System Shield® infusions, depending on your current condition. Just remember not to exceed the four-bag limit per day.

DOSAGE: Each teabag is approximately 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of premeasured pharmaceutical grade herbs. Dried fruits and spices are added for flavoring. The teabag should be placed in 8 oz. of hot water, (about 180° F) and care should be taken to use water cooler than (220° F). Let this herbal infusion sit in water for at least 20 minutes, and preferably 45 minutes or longer. However, keep covered while steeping, and don’t let it sit for longer than 4 hours. If the infusion is too strong for your taste, feel free to dilute with additional warm or cool water, but drink all the liquid produced by the single teabag.

FLAVOR: This infusion has a spicy aroma that stimulates expectations, a strong taste of mixed nuts while drinking, and a smooth - almost creamy aftertaste. Depending on your mood, emotions, and what you recently have eaten, you may experience something different each time you drink this infusion.


    Remember this isn't your grandma's afternoon tea. It is a medicine, you don’t drink it because of the taste. The reason people don't see the results they want, is due to a lack of consistency. These are pharmaceutical grade infusions designed to make the highest impact on your health as safely as possible at a holistic level. The biochemical reactions, physical repair,and physiological capabilities take time to build. Give it the time needed, you'll be amazed at the results. Your health is being attacked from every front, more viciously than in other period in the history of mankind, you can have peace of mind. Enjoy that peace! 


arctium lappa, Burdock Root

astragaluis membranaceus bunge, Astragalus Root

codonopsis tangshen, Codonopsis Root

curcuma longa, Turmeric Rhizome

echinacea, Echinacea Root

eleutherococcus senticosus, Siberian Ginseng Root

ganoderma lucidum, Reishi Mushroom

larrea tridentata, Chaparral Aerial Parts

melilotus officinalis, Sweet Clover Aerial Parts

thuja occidentalis L, Thuja Leaves

viscum album, Mistletoe Aerial Parts

Cinnamon Bark

Dried Orange Peel

Dried Apple Chips


These ingredients are recognized to be safe by the FDA under the G.R.A.S. provision.

NOTE: This product and information about the product, are not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or disease. For diagnosis or treatment consult a health professional. Information provided on this site is for educational purposes and decision enablement only. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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I have Lymphoma, which is a blood cancer that attacks the B-cells in the blood and reduces my White Blood count as a result. Treatment is all about killing all my B-Cells and then letting the body create fresh ones. There is no cure, just patches of time that I can live a "normal" life until my Lymph nodes swell to painful limits and I don't have the energy to go on. Most folks don't die from this, but from the resulting compromised immune system. I take this Infusion along with vitamins, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. I see this as a way to address the damage my treatment causes. I am starting my fourth episode of treatment, and instead of feeling beaten and worn down, I feel better than any of the other episode starts. This infusion plays an important role in my approach to my Lymphoma.

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