How to include a SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   Most Health Guardians have careers and interests outside of the healthcare industry. We are interested in pathology prevention because of the lifestyle good health provides. Self-reliance is good, but if we could trust someone else to have our interest, and not their own, we’d let them do it. Instead, we let software do as much of the work as we can. Software and technology capabilities increase - what seems like daily - making it hard to keep up.

   In the role of the Health Guardian, we gather information and health evidence. We synthesize and analyze the data gathered. We form hypotheses, develop, and execute short-term change plans. We monitor and analyze the changes. We form long-term goals, strategies, plans, budgets, and roadmaps. We define policies and procedures, guidelines, and manage requirements. However, in all these activities, we let software do as much as possible.

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