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   While reviewing our Cardiovascular Revitalize® herbal infusion, others have found this additional background information helpful for building a deeper understanding about this infusion, the behavior of the cardiovascular system, and the role this infusion should play while combining it with traditional medicine, complementary medicine, and alternative medicines. 



General Cardiovascular System Links

PathologyPrevention How to include a Cardiovascular System Practice in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

PathologyPrevention with the cardiovascular system.

American Heart Association's interactive cardiovascular library: Watch, Learn and Live

National Cancer Institute Introduction to the Cardiovascular System

Texas Heart Institute Anatomy of the Heart and Cardiovascular System

Innerbody.com Cardiovascular System Anatomy

Boston University of Public Health Cardiovascular System: and the Normal Structure of Blood Vessels. 

John Hopkins Medicine  The Heart & Circulatory System: Heart, Role of Blood Vessels, What the Heart & Circulatory System Do, and Things that can go wrong.


Chronic Disorders Of The Cardiovascular System Links

Mayo Clinic Heart Disease: Symptoms, When to see a Doctor, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications, and Prevention. 

Medline Plus.gov Cardio Disease (CVD) and Diabetes: Why are people with diabetes at increased risk for CVD? 

Duke Cancer Institute What Does Heart Disease Have To Do With Cancer?

Harvard Medical School Heart Disease and Heart Disease Articles.

National Center for Biotechnology Information Cardiovascular Disease: Essential Micronutrients and CVD, Herbal medicines and CVD.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention-CDC Heart Disease Facts

Heart.org What is Cardiovascular Disease? Common Treatments, Diagnostic tests, surgical procedures and medications.


Typical Issues Of The Cardiovascular System Links

Medical News Today What to know about cardiovascular disease: Types, Symptoms, Lifestyle Tips, Treatment, Risk factors. Cause, and Prevention. 

Medline Plus.gov 10 Myths about Cardiovascular Disease

John Hopkins Medicine Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases

World Health Organization-WHO Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs): What are cardiovascular diseases? What are the risk factors for cardiovascular disease? What are common symptoms of cardiovascular diseases? 

Frankel Cardiovascular Center-University of Michigan Exercise Physiology for Cardiovascular Disease


Herb Information For The Cardiovascular Revitalizer® Infusion

Hawthorn Aerial Parts: Botanical.com, Plants For A Future, Healthbenefitstime.com 

Horse Chestnut: Herbwisdom.com, Botanical.comPlant For A FutureKaiser Permanente 

Dan Shen Root: Also known as Red Sage, Plants For A FutureNational Center for Biotechnology InformationScienceDirect.com 

Rhodiola Rosea Root: Plants For A Future, Healthbenefitstimes.com, Healthline.com

Bilberry Leaves: Botanical.comPlants For A Future,Healthbenefitstimes.com

Bloodroot: Botanical.com, Plants For A Future, Healthbenefitstimes.com

Yarrow Aerial Parts: Botanical.com,  Plants For A Future,  Healthbenefitstime.com

Black Cohosh Root: Botanical.com, Plants For A Future, Healthbenefitstimes.com

Devil's Claw Rhizome: Healthbenefitstimes.com, Healthline.com, Herbwisdom.com

Gum Guggul Resin: Plants For A Future, Healthbenefitstimes.com, Healthline.com

Sweet Clover Aerial Parts: Botanical.comPlants For A FutureHealthbenefitstime.com

California Poppy Aerial Parts: Healthbenefitstime.comPlants For A FuturePostivehealth.com

Celery Seed: Botanical.comPlants For A FutureHealthbenefitstimes.com   

Indian Frankincense Resin: Healthbenefitstimes.com, Healthline.com, Botanical.com

Korean ginseng: Plants For A Future, Healthbenefitstimes.com, Herbwisdom.com

Mistletoe Aerial Parts: Botanical.com, Plants For A FutureHealthbenefitstime.com

Motherwort Aerial Parts: Botanical.comPlants For A FutureHealthline.com 

Pleurisy Root: Botanical.com, Plants For A Future, Healthbenefitstimes.com


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