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GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS: Regardless of the pathogen, there are pathology prevention practices that we all can use to one degree or another, regardless of our current health condition, reduce the probability of infecting us, and/or the scale of that infection. We are not hopeless, even if you have multiple chronic diseases. Even in a time when super strains of bacteria that are resistant to known antibiotics exist we can address it. When aggressive viruses are mutating at alarming rates, and fungi evolving all over the place, which are creating new threats to destroy us every year, we can reign supreme, without turning our freedoms over to others. We can be self-reliant. We can enjoy increasing wellness, maintain and increase our quality lifestyle, and engage with others at a healthy level. This is what being a Health Guardian is all about.

ISSUES: Effective pathology prevention practices exist and should be followed regardless of the type or strain of pathogen you’re currently being threatened by.

  • In some cases, these pathology prevention practices are the only things we CAN do to avoid illness and even death.
  • The Health Guardian accepts the responsibility of self-care and learns how to effectively engage with other health care providers early on, before they find themselves in life threatening situations.
  • Every Health Guardian needs to understand the importance of holistic health, especially when it comes to being prepared to fight against this season’s next virus or global threat such as Coronaviruses, Avia and Swine flu.

STRATEGIES: There are three defense strategies used by the Health Guardian against pathogens:

  1. System Wellness, is the foundational strategy for all pathology prevention efforts regardless of what the World Health Organization and others would have you think. They promote vaccination as the most effective way to prevent diseases, e.g., “A vaccine helps the body’s immune system to recognize and fight pathogens such as viruses or bacteria, which then keeps us safe from the diseases they cause.” This is only half true, they fail to point out that once the body detects a foreign pathogen, it must be healthy enough to win the fight caused by the pathogen.
  2. Hygiene, This includes activities from washing our face and hands, brushing our teeth, to cooking practices, surface wiping, physical distancing, and even isolation when needed.
  3. and Vaccination. In a healthy, well-functioning body, vaccination is not a requirement, but even in this case, vaccination can reduce the severity of your fight against foreign pathogens. In cases when the body isn’t functioning optimally, such as with existing weakness, elderly or chronic disease, and in other times when your systems are compromised, vaccination can be the difference between life and death.

 INTERACTIONS: holistic systems response from our entire body can be over 51 times stronger than a single response from a solitary system such as the immune system alone. This compartmentalized thinking is common in the medical industry. 51 times the response illustrates just how effective a holistic approach to wellness can be. When all organ systems are functioning properly, our body’s defenses are extremely powerful against pathogens.

   Our mental and spiritual health is used to reduce stress and inflammation as well as provide diagnostic indicators to help identify system constraints and prioritize pathology prevention practices. To increase practice effectiveness and efficiencies, the Health Guardian also uses standardized Management and Caregiving practices that can help make pathology prevention a continuous, and sustainable strategy against viruses, bacterium, and fungus.

   As a visitor to this website, we welcome you to study and put to use these pathology prevention practices and herbal infusions to increase your own self-reliance, wellness, and quality of life.

WARNINGS: Failure to commit to a set of pathology prevention actions is an action itself. Are you sure you want to take that action?

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