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Phytotherapy cannot be holistic unless it is used within a relevant broader context appropriate for both the individual and the condition involved. In this paper, we offer suggestions concerning other therapeutic modalities, nutrition, and lifestyle issues to augment any herbal treatment.

HERBS AND GOOD DIET - By far the most important contribution made by plants to health of the human digestive system is in the quality of foods we eat. Often the only real difference between a salad vegetable and a medicinal herb is that one tastes better! The body requires more than 40 nutrients for energy, growth, and tissue maintenance. All of these are found in a well-rounded diet, and many of them are found both in medical herbs and in plants eaten as grains, vegetables, or fruits. Of course, eating a balanced diet is a major contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle. Using medical herbs does not negate the importance of eating a high-quality diet.


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