A Holistic Collaborative Medicine

A Holistic Collaborative Medicine (4)

Nutrition counseling with patients is an effective way to manage numerous long-term and chronic illnesses. Having a dedicated dietician or nutritionist as part of your care team can help patients reach their personal health goals and those set forth by the Health Guardian. When patients work closely with dieticians or other nutrition-oriented providers, they report an over 20% increase adherence to dietary interventions, citing more involvement in their own treatment plans and a sense of control over their health outcomes.

One of the biggest points of contention in the ongoing discussion of Primary Care is that the system of healthcare is flawed. As a result, Primary Care givers are suffering from burnout. The endless bureaucracy, decreasing physician pay, and increasing meaningful use requirements that spawn endless clicking on an already inefficient electronic medical record platform have become unbearable by most practicing physicians today.

Have you ever wondered what makes the Doctor-Health Guardian relationship so powerful?

Have you ever considered what you could do to strengthen it or to prevent it from crumbling?

Have you thought about the consequences of unsatisfactory or adversarial relationships? If you have, then the following discussion could prove useful.

Poor outcomes such as, objective measures or standardized subjective metrics that are assessed after an encounter, flow from an impaired Health Care Provider-Health Guardian relationship (eg, when Health Guardians feel unheard, disrespected, or otherwise out of partnership with their physicians).