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While reviewing our Lymphatic Enhancer® herbal infusion, others have found this additional background information helpful for building a deeper understanding about this infusion, the functionality of the lymphatic system, and the role this infusion should play while combining it with traditional medicine, complementary medicine, and alternative medicines. 


General Lymphatic & Immune System Links

PathologyPrevention How to include a Immunes System Practice in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

Cleveland Clinic Lymphatic System: What is is? The Parts of, Conditions that effect it, How can I keep my lymphatic system healthy? When to call a doctor.

Merck Manuals Overview of Lymphatic System.

Macmillan Cancer Support The Lymphatic System: what it is and and how does it works?

The Lymphangiomatoss & Gorham's Disease Alliance The Lymphatic System: Functions, Fluid and Protein Balance, Immunity and Spread of Infection, Digestion, Basic Anatomy, How a Healthy Lymph System Typically Works

The Lymphatic System Overview, Animation Video: The circulatory and immune functions of the lymphatic system.


Chronic Disorders Of The Lymphatic System Links

LiveScience.com Lymphatic System: Facts, Functions & Diseases

America Cancer Society What Is Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia?

Canadian Cancer Society Cancers of the Lymphatic and Immune Systems: Hodgkin's LymphomasNon-Hodgkin's Lymphomas and Leukemias

Cancer Institute Introduction to Lymphoma

Medlineplus.gov Lymphatic Diseases

Nationwide Children's Lymphatic Disorders in Children.

Cancer Research UK  Lymphatic system and how cancer may affect it.

Medlineplus.gov Cancer & the Lymph Nodes: How Cancer Gets in the Lymph Nodes, How Cancer in Lymph Nodes is Found, What it Means When Cancer is Found. 


Typical Issues Of The Lymphatic System Links

Synergy Health Associates Signs of A Clogged Lymphatic System & 10 Ways To Cleanse It.

Medical News Today How to perform a lymphatic drainage massage.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America The do’s and don’ts of supporting a healthy immune system.

Well Being Journal Rebounding: Good for the Lymph System

MD Anderson Exercise and the Lymphatic System

Hybervibe.com 12 Foods for Improved Lymphatic Drainage


Herb Information For The Lymphatic Enhancer Infusion

Astragalus Root: Herbwisdom.comHealthline.comPlants For A FutureMemorial Sloan Cancer Center 

Calendula FlowersBotanical.comPlants For A FutureHealthbenefitstimes.com   

Blue Flag Root: Botanical.comPlants For A FutureHealthbenefitstimes.com   

Chaparral Aerial PartsPlants For A FutureKaiser Permanente, ScienceDirect.com

Shiitake Mushroom: WebMD.com, 10faq.comHealthbenefitstimes.com   

Privet FruitWebMD.comPlants For A FutureVerywellhealth.com

Spearmint LeavesHerbwisdom.comBotanical.comPlants For A Future 

Poke Root: Botanical.comjonbarron.orgHealthline.com   

Yellow Dock RootBotanical.comPlants For A FutureHealthbenefitstimes.com   

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