The Medical Pantry

The Medical Pantry

A section of the pantry I find missing many times is the medical shelves. They come in all sizes; however, I’ve never seen someone have their own dialysis machine. What would you like to have in your pantry? It depends a lot on how close the nearest pharmacy is, and what your family needs are.

Within the medical pantry you should find a section of every day off-the-shelf medicines and prescriptions. They are easy to find and reach. Medical teas might be in this section of the pantry. Its purpose is to provide for frequently used items. It might include some brand of lip balm. Anti-bacteria cut cream, and some form of bandage for minor cuts. I don’t think our family could go without witch hazel, even though I’m not sure what to classify it.

Many time this section may also contain personal grooming supplies. It can be large enough to warrant its own section though. Toilet paper is most famous here but may also include soap, both personal and laundry. Feminine products are common in this section. Contraceptives and massage oil might need a section as well.

You might keep your cold medicine in its own section depending on how much your family uses. Pain medicines are another class of items that may consist of a bottle of aspirin to a large collection of various pain relief products. Raspatory masks worn when your out and about could go in this section as well. Probably shouldn’t forget a couple bottles of sanitizer.

The sections I’ve mentioned so far are everyday or common usage pantry items, but there are other sections you could consider such as a first aid section where you store large bandages, braces, and slings. I’ve seen these sections become emergency preparedness sections with warm blankets, fire starters, oil lamps, gas stoves may be appropriate. The section needs to be well planned out if you go this way.

The first aid and emergency preparedness sections should be backed up with some research. Select a book that you feel is the most relevant to your family needs and base the inventory on the teaching from the book. Everyone may not need a shortwave radio for this section.

The medical pantry is all about preparedness, self-reliance, and cost reductions. Buy pantry items when they are on sale. This is very important when purchasing any type of medical devices. Blood pressure monitors, blood sugar, and oxygen saturation level measuring devices all have a place in the home pantry along with scales and measuring tapes, but the price of other medical equipment may not be as easy to purchase.

With thought and planning, most families can create some medical pantries that make a valuable addition to the family pantry. When planning a medicine pantry don’t forget to include a space for documents such as contact information for emergencies including members of your health team such as doctors, nutritionists, dentist and so forth. This is also a good place to store your and family health records. As Health Guardians become more familiar with the PathologyPrevention™ practices, they will find additional items they want in their family’s medical pantry.

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