About Us

   One day we just wake-up and discover we’re responsible for our own health, and we can’t rely on others to make good health decisions for us. We must assume what is called, An "accidental" role. We all ‘come into being’ the Health Guardian of ourselves, and maybe others that we care for, without formal ceremony or certification - we just become.

   When my wife was diagnosed with lymphoma, I was commuting weekly back and forth from Texas to Washington serving as a consultant at the FDA’s Center Director's Office (CDER), Office of New Drugs. With her diagnosis, I resigned from the FDA to stay home and be with my wife. 

   I quickly decided I didn't ever want to feel that helpless again. After lots of study, experimentation, drama, and two rounds of chemotherapy, PathologyPrevention™ the company emerged. It still took an additional five years of school, trials and testing before we released our initial products. 

   Today, our employees and customers assume the role of a Health Guardian, either as a Personal Health Guardian for themselves, or as a Family Health Guardian for loved ones. This website’s purpose is to enable the functions of the Health Guardian regardless of how experienced they may currently be.

   We offer articles, Herbal Infusions, Capsules, and Training Courses containing:

  • Quality intro-information, to help build confidence in your health decision-making process.
  • We develop solutions, scoped so that you'll have autonomy over your health care, and not need permission from doctors, lawyers, or government agencies to act upon.
  • Explanations of existing decision criteria, such as medical indications and safety considerations.
  • The best decision-making motivation we can provide - without becoming obnoxious and controlling.

   We also offer products from our pharmacy designed to support the role of the Health Guardian while staying true to our purpose of protecting the principles of self-reliance, increased wellness, and pathology prevention.

Feel free to contact us for any reason "CustomerCare@PathologyPrevention.com" or (801) 901-0258.