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Ranunculaceae, actaea (cimicifuga) racemosa, Black Cohosh Root

Asteraceae, arctium lappa, Burdock Root

Lamiaceae, vitex agnus-castus, Chaste Tree Berries

Burseraceae, commiphora mukul, Gum Guggul Resin

Asteranae, panax ginseng, Korean Ginseng Root

Lamiaceae, melissa officinalis, Lemon Balm Aerial Parts

Fabaceae, glycyrrhiza glabra, Licorice Root

Schisandraceae, schisandra chinensis, Schisandra Berry

Lamiaceae, leonurus cardiaca, Motherwort Aerial Parts

Zygopphllaceae, tribulus terrestris, Tribulus Fruit (puncture vine)

Crassulaceae, rhodiola rosea,  Rhodiola Rosea Root

Liliaceae, smilax officinalis, Sarsaparilla Root

Omphalotaceae, lentinus edodes, Shiitake Mushroom

Fabaceae, baptisia tinctoria, Wild Indigo Root

Solanaceae, withania somnifera, Ashwagandha Root

Lamiaceae, mentha spicata, Spearmint Leaves

Asteraceae, matricaria recutita, German Chamomile Flowers

Fabaceae, trigonella foenum-graecum, Fenugreek Seed


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