How to include CLINICAL EXAMINATIONS within your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   The Health Guardian fills the essential role of disease prevention. Within Primary Care, there are multiple team members who must coordinate efforts to help maintain wellness and increase quality of life within the boundaries of Primary Care. The ‘Examination’ of each of these team members is different depending on their specific role in the overall Primary Care function. Maintaining the health record and questionnaire, documenting health history, orchestrating vaccinations, adherence to medical recommendations and schedules, self-examinations, maintaining the medication record, establishing and adhering to nutrition plans, and exercise routines are all part of the Health Guardian’s roles and responsibility during and after the pathology prevention examination. The examination may include physical therapy, education, training, and emergency preparedness planning and practice. Initial treatments and procedures within the other Heath Guardian practices may also become part of the examination when needed. A large portion of the examination time is spent in communication preparation to other Primary Care team members, and Secondary Care practitioners.

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