How to include a 
SYNTHESIZE EVIDENCE PRACTICE within your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   When addressing an Evidence Based Practice (EBP), it's natural to ask, “What is Evidence?” In any clinical setting, there are numerous sources of information to answer a variety of questions about how to improve the Health Guardian’s practices or update clinical procedures and protocols. You can find the best information available (i.e., evidence) by using the PICOT question to guide you as you conduct a systematic, efficient, and thorough search. There are several behaviors performed when conducting a systematic search for evidence answering your PICOT question. To ensure that reliable information (i.e., evidence) is found, the Health Guardian must move beyond unsystematic wonderings through YouTube, searching any word that comes to mind and searching only one source of evidence. Instead, the Health Guardian should use multiple sources  and available supports and strategies that help find the needle in the haystack, and provide the essential evidence to answer the clinical question.