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Looking for meaning in everything is often a defense mechanism against the fear of uncertainty.

It’s human nature to dislike uncertainty. From which color shoes to buy, to committing to a spouse in marriage, there will almost always be some uncertainty in our decisions, and along with it, some anxiety.

Control issues are usually a sign of insecurity and a fear of helplessness. Just like the need to find meaning everywhere is a sign you’re afraid of uncertainty, needing to control everything is a sign you’re afraid to feel helpless. Trouble is, you are helpless.

It doesn’t make sense to judge yourself for things you can’t control, especially your emotions. But you can judge yourself based on the way you respond to those events. With a regular hygiene program focused on a self-assessment of yourself you can increase your healthiness and prevent illness.

A healthy emotional condition goes a long way in physical strength, and pathology prevention. Very few things will aid in hygiene efforts more than an emotional stability.

Until the advent of the electron microscope, scientists could not fully appreciate the complexity of cytoplasmic organization. Electron microscopy showed that a plasma membrane surrounds every cell. We now know that the plasma membrane of the cell is a highly differentiated structure containing specific proteins that help control the intercellular functional environment and interact with specific molecules to influence the cell’s behavior.