Yoga (1)

   AFTER ONE SESSION: After your first yoga session (or after the first one you've had in a while), you'll likely experience a variety of sensations. It can feel like "an awkward, sweaty first date," where you're noticing muscles you never realized you had and are perspiring in places you never knew you could perspire.  Once you get through the first class, your emotions might be all over the place, from overwhelmed (How will I ever do this? I'm so not flexible), to relaxed and at peace (deep breathing will do that), to empowered (like I did it—I got through something I wanted to do and feel strong and capable.) Physically, you'll probably feel a little sore. But even after just one class, your shoulders will feel stronger, your hamstrings looser, and you will move your body in ways you probably don't before. Regardless of your current fitness level, even the morbidly obese can access this first state, or “gateway” into better health.