How to include a WORLD BALANCE PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   The objective of the Health Guardian in obtaining a ‘World Balance’, isn’t the same thing as setting the World right. A World Balance is a balanced perspective of various Worlds such as Home, Work, and Play. It turns out there are some not so obvious considerations that the Health Guardian uses to help achieve a World Balance.

   It may feel like juggling plates. When creating a World-balance that works for you, take time to assess your own needs. Not everyone's balance looks the same, and not everyone divides their worlds in equal portions. Work-balance is less about neatly dividing the hours in your day equally between Worlds, and more about having the flexibility to get necessary things done in each World, while still having time and energy to truly enjoy your personal life (yet another World).

   Having this flexibility means that some days you might have to hold a plate a little longer now, so you create time later to enjoy other activities. Regardless of how you organize your time, you should place high importance on creating a balance to be successful in all your juggled Worlds. It turns out that the Health Guardian can follow some principles while juggling to increase self-reliance, wellness, and quality of life while preventing destructive pathologies.