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 The Whole-Body Protection® ACTION SUMMARY

The Whole-Body Protection® should be made using high-quality water at 150˚ to 180˚ Fahrenheit. Place one herbal tea bag into a cup, and pour 8 oz. of the hot water, and let steep covered until the infusion is at room temperature. Uncover the infusion and add any flavoring you may desire. Most flavorings contain volatile oils and lose flavors at higher temperatures.

There are 10 tea bags in the Whole-Body Protection®. Each tea bag contains approximately 20 medical grade herbs supporting the whole-body as a single system. Drink 1 tea bag per day. 

Part of the magic of this infusion is that the body will use the plant components where they are needed the most in your body. Our job is to make sure there is a balanced supply for the entire body, and not one isolated spot.

Within the 10 tea bag package each system is included, based on the following table.

These bags can be used in any order at your discretion. In the stacked bar chart below, the height of the bars represent relative units of medical actions typically observed from the herbs. We can't say that a single herb caused a single action. Antecedents are never singular when talking about plants and the human body. After a medical action can be statistically predicted, we can say that the action appears to be correlated to the presence of our product. Correlation coefficients and quantities are used to compute the medical action unit values used for comparisons in the graph below.

The Whole-Body Protection® is primarily a pathology prevention infusion as illustrated by the tallest stacked bar. The Respiratory Ventilator® contributes to this overall action more than any other system infusion with an unit value of 252. This bar chart can be used to quickly select which system infusions will most likely contribute to your desired medical action.


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