Running (1)

   WITHIN 30 MINUTES: Ever heard of “hit the ground running”? That’s true, both literally and scientifically. Research has shown that exercise can instantly boost mood and help you start your day in full force. Running is probably the best way to beat  the "Monday Blues." If you are feeling depressed, 20 minutes of running can work like antidepressant and lift your mood. Running prepares you to cope with daily stress and challenges without getting panicked. You will stop overthinking and feel more relaxed. This is because running can immediately reduce the activity in your frontal cortex. This makes running the simplest and the healthiest way to break free from the daily grind. Running also helps with anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Scientists have used the carbon-dioxide challenge test to determine the connection between anxiety sensitivity and physical activity. They found that more physically active people were less likely to panic in fearful situations even if they have anxiety sensitivity.