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   Medical records provide stability and continuity between the Health Guardian’s practices and pathology prevention activities. They help connect past health achievements with future potential. As the Health Guardian strives to continually increase wellness and quality of life, the health records help prevent repeating the same efforts, while expecting different results. They provide insight into what should be expected and what should be done to achieve those expectations. They provide a medium of communication to other health professionals, and when standardized, they can quickly become invaluable during the diagnostics, treatment, and post evaluation lifecycles. Other articles will cover the creation, maintenance, and use of specific health records. Here, we'll identify the potential depth, breadth, and importance of health records, and critical responsibility of the Health Guardian to perform this practice in pathology prevention efforts.

    So how far back should the Health Guardian look while collecting personal and family records? Turns out that DNA has been shown to play an important role in chronic disease and pathology prevention. Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Nutritional, and Lifestyle Health are all influenced by our parents. In fact, the sciences of Epigenetics and DNA genealogy has shown that many DNA segments can stay active and influence our health for four generations. If those DNA segments are activated anytime during those four generations, then they can continue for another four generations. In theory, if activated periodically, DNA inherited from ancestors thousands of generations ago, can still be impacting survival and overall health. The skill of the Health Guardian lies in collecting the relevant information of the past, analyzing it in the present, while strategically planning changes for the future.

    A little closer to home are the medical records of your generation. These include shot records and medication records. The Health Guardian should maintain exercise, nutrition and food supplement records. Diary’s capturing emotional experiences, relationships, and levels of depression can help address and control your mental, social, spiritual, and cultural health. Documenting the things you want to acquire, accomplish, and New Year’s resolutions over the years can contribute to a strong goal setting practice leading to a ‘Purpose of Life’ and spiritual health. These current records drive holistic diagnostics and help guide future pathology prevention practices.

   The Health Guardian depends on past and current records for developing strategic plans to address and/or prevent chronic disease along with present and future pathologies. These records document future roadmaps, strategic plans, and budgets involving multiple Primary Care team members.

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