How to include a PURPOSE OF LIFE PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   In the Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, The Ghost of Christmas Past, Joseph Marley, tells Scrooge that “People is the business of all mankind.” The purpose of life is nothing short of this mandate, regardless of how we get there; literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, religion, … Being cognizant of this purpose, reduces loneliness, anxiety, depression, conflict and stress; while increasing a feeling of self-worth, joy, togetherness, confidence, wellness and an overall sense of well-being.

   There are multiple paths leading to a sense of purpose, the one presented here should be seen as more illustrative and less prescriptive. Each of us will need to choose our own path which provides us and others with the greatest joy along our journey. The role of the Health Guardian is to assist in the search for quality information, help build decision motivation and increase the patient’s confidence in their own decision making. The Health Guardian can work with the patient to establish selection criteria, and even watch for autonomy in the decision-making scope. But ultimately, this is a personal choice of the patient’s as their own self-reliance develops, wellness increases, pathologies prevented, and their quality of life improves – the patient’s magnitude of purpose may change with this personal growth.