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GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS: The strength and effectiveness of your immune system isn't determined by your red and white blood count. The counts are indicators of neither strength nor effectiveness, but are used to help diagnose current conditions. Counts are correlations to, not causes of, a good defense system.

   The main job of red blood cells, is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues and carbon dioxide as a waste product, away from the tissues and back to the lungs. In the case of Covid-19, your survivability depends on the percentage of your lungs required to put enough oxygen in your blood to support cellular respiration, or life. One strategy might be to increase the number of red blood cells. However, an alternative strategy would be to make your existing red blood cells as effective as possible.

   Red blood cells also play a part in the body's immune response: their hemoglobin releases free radicals, which break down the bacterial pathogen's cell wall and membrane, killing it. This isn’t effective on the Covid-19 virus directly, but very important in the defense of secondary infections resulting from the damage it may cause. When it comes to Covid-19, your healthy red blood cells play an important role in your survivability; carrying oxygen to the body and reducing the inflammation response, particularly within the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

   Among your white blood cells, there are:

Monocytes- They have a longer lifespan than many white blood cells and help to break down bacteria.

Neutrophils- They kill and digest bacteria and fungi. They are the most numerous type of white blood cell and your first line of defense when this type of infection strikes. Not real helpful in the case of Covid-19.

Eosinophils- They attack and kill parasites and cancer cells and help with allergic responses.

Basophils- These small cells seem to sound an alarm when infectious agents such as Covid-19 invade your blood. They secrete chemicals such as histamine, a marker of allergic disease, that help control the body's immune response. Healthy basophils produce a quick immune response and are a critical component of the viral vaccination strategy. In the absence of a vaccine, a quick alarm can determine the effectiveness of your lymphocytes. 

Lymphocytes- They create antibodies to fight against bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful invaders. These are your warriors in the fight against Covid-19. They reside locally throughout your body, strategically placed in your lymph nodes.

   The Lymphatic system is a subsystem of both the Immune and Cardiovascular system, somewhat of a bridge between both. Covid-19 produces an interesting situation, where the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Endocrine, and Immune Systems must come together to provide an adaptive immune response. Any vaccine treatment must be part of a larger, more holistic approach to the treatment and prevention of Covid-19. The more time you have to strengthen your systems prior to infection, the stronger your shield becomes. When exposed to the Covid-19 virus, you’ll be glad you have the healthiest systems possible. Regardless of your current health status, any existing autoimmune issues, chronic diseases, or poor lifestyles; the Immune System Shield® is your best fighting chance beyond a healthy, responsible, lifestyle. You can have both!

ISSUES: Your epidermal system, is the defensive wall between you and the virus.

  • This defense system begins with the distance between your skin and the virus, hence the importance of physical distancing.
  • Next, is the amount of care you spend on keeping your skin clean and undamaged.
  • Next, consider the biochemical health of your underlying skin, which depends on nutrition and available vitamins and minerals.

   Next, beyond maintaining this exterior shield, lies the defenses at your body’s entry points. With poor hygiene, these entry points become principle points of defensive failure. You can build up artificial walls such as distance, face masks and clothing, but when this fails, your body’s other organ systems which when functioning properly, presents an extremely effect defense against the microbial enemy, and in the history of mankind, it seldom loses. It's only when these organ systems aren’t functioning optimally, that diseases such as the Covid-19 virus, make us vulnerable.

   The immune system’s response to physiologic and metabolic stress is to produce pro-inflammatory molecules such as adipokines and cytokines cell-signaling molecules that aid cell-to-cell communication and stimulate the movement of cells toward sites of inflammation in conditions of infection and injury. Thus immune system responses and the resulting inflammation are intimately connected. 

   The Immune System Shield® was designed to strengthen the body’s immune system, while synergistically complementing the Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, and Lymphatic systems to aid in your pathology prevention efforts.

STRATEGIES: The two commonly used categories of white blood cell disorders divide them quantitatively into those disorders causing excessive blood counts and those disorders causing insufficient counts. Another way to categorize disorders of white blood cells is qualitatively. There are various disorders in which the number of white blood cells is normal but the cells do not function normally. Taken holistically, our strategy includes both approaches. A healthy lifestyle, clean environment, pure air and water, proper nutrition, exercise, and restorative sleep can all contribute to a healthy balance of blood cell quantity and quality.

   The three major types of lymphocyte white blood cells (mentioned under general considerations) are T cells, B cells and natural killer (NK) cells. T cells (thymus cells) and B cells (bone marrow) are the major cellular components of the adaptive immune response. T cells are involved in cell-mediated immunity, whereas B cells are primarily responsible for humoral immunity (relating to antibodies).  Our herbal infusion strengthens the T cell objective with Adaptogen, Anti-inflammatory, Antibiotic, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Antiseptic, Antiviral, Detoxifier, Immuno-Modulator, Immuno-Stimulant, Lymphatic and other specific actions designed to support cell-mediated immunity. 

   Our herbal infusion also strengthens the B cell objective with Adaptogen, Adrenal Restorative, Adrenal Tonics, Immuno-Modulator, Immuno-Stimulant, and Lymphatic actions designed to support humoral immunity functions. The function of T cells and B cells is to recognize specific "non-self" antigens, during a process known as antigen presentation. Once they have identified an invader, such as Covid-19, the cells generate specific responses that are tailored to eliminate the specific pathogen, or pathogen-infected cells. B cells respond to pathogens by producing large quantities of antibodies which then neutralize foreign objects like bacteria and viruses. 

   NK cells are a part of the innate immune system and play a major role in defending the host from tumors and virally infected cells. NK cells distinguish infected cells and tumors from normal and uninfected cells by recognizing changes of a surface molecule called MHC. NK cells are activated in response to a family of cytokines called interferons. Activated NK cells release cytotoxic (cell-killing) granules which then destroy the altered cells. They are named "natural killer cells" because they do not require prior activation in order to kill cells which are missing MHC. Our Infusion delivers cytokines and cytotoxic granules gained from herbal plant compounds to support the needed actions of the innate immune system.   

   Optimally, the immune system’s function is to keep the body healthy, responding appropriately with an inflammatory response to environmental influences, such as short-lived infection and injury, and then returning the body to an alert system of defense. This function depends on the body’s ability to recognize “self” and “non-self.” When the immune response is successful, the tissue returns to a state of wellness, or metabolic stability described as allostasis. 

   Our Immune System Shield® helps keep the immune system healthy and performing optimally, in short, it helps prevent typical system constraints, assuring optimal performance of the world’s most robust defense system. It also works in synergy with our other system infusions, and holistic practices of the Health Guardian to provide a holistic strategy for resisting Covid-19 and other pathogens we may encounter. 

   Take a look at these pharmaceutical grade herbs below, and discover what they can do for you when given a chance. I think you’ll agree that these ingredients, offer a very competitive solution to the issues produced by the Coronaviruses such as Covid-19. To learn more about the biomedical reagents, and the actions caused by these plant compounds review our Product Indications of this herbal infusion.

  1. Burdock Root supports healthy liver & kidney function; flushes toxins; promotes healthy skin; supports a healthy lymphatic system and gently supports fluid balance. While also supporting bowel regularity and the elimination of heavy metal toxicity.

  2. Wild Indigo Root used for against infections such as diphtheria, influenza (flu), Swine flu, Coronavirus, the common cold and other upper respiratory tract infections, lymph node infections, scarlet fever, malaria, and typhoid.

  3. Barberry Root Bark supports healthy liver & gallbladder filtering and elimination functions. It promotes blood cleansing, supports digestion, soothes gastrointestinal distress, promotes bowel regularity, enhances natural resistance, and promotes healthy skin needed as a barrier against the virus attack.

  4. Calendula Flowers helps maintain gastrointestinal health; promotes healthy digestion; supports bone, joint and connective tissue health key in the production of bone marrow and white blood cells used in defense of the Coronavirus.

  5. Cayenne Pepper Seed won’t let your immune system be caught off guard. It is a stimulating circulatory tonic which supports cardiovascular and arterial health needed in the support of other systems such as the respiratory system as well. The Cayenne Pepper’s biochemical mechanisms when combined with the rest of the infusion helps the body mobilize defense components early, before the virus has strength, and provides time needed for the immune system to build its own defense tailored to this specific pathogen strain. Think of it as an early warning system.

  6. Codonopsis Root is used to treat HIV infection and to protect cancer patients against side effects of radiation treatment. In our case it is an excellent blood tonic and immune system tonic. It is extremely effective at boosting vitality and relieving a sense of general fatigue resulting from the Coronavirus.

  7. Echinacea Root is well known for supporting healthy immune function. It also strengthens the lymphatic system as part of the war against the Coronavirus by cellular binding and elimination out of the blood stream. Echinacea promotes glandular health, and respiratory tract health needed in the case of Coronavirus attacks.

  8. Cleavers Aerial Parts promotes a healthy lymphatic system function; helps facilitate removal of toxins from the body. It is a traditional blood purifier and promotes healthy skin as a primary defense in pathology prevention.

  9. Goldenseal Root supports a healthy immune system response. It is well known for the support it provides to bronchial, sinus & respiratory tract health.

  10. Chaparral Aerial Parts is an herbal antioxidant. It supports cleansing of blood, kidneys and the lymphatic system. It also helps eliminate heavy metal toxicities. Chaparral provides general immune system functional support while promoting both skin and joint health as well.

  11. Thuja leaves supports the bronchial and respiratory function. They provide support for mucus tissue, such as the throat and respiratory tract. They are a mild respiratory diuretic assisting in the resistance to pneumonia.

  12. Cat's Claw Bark supports immune health. It helps to maintain joint comfort & mobility aches and pains produced by flu like pathogens. It fights against environmental allergies; promotes skin health (ointment).

  13. Tree Lichen Whole Plant is used for weight loss, pain relief, fever control, and tissue healing caused by flu viruses. It makes phlegm easier to cough up and reduces both upper and lower respiratory congestion. It maintains a healthy microbial balance within the urinary and immune systems.

  14. Mistletoe Aerial Parts is used for joint & muscle discomforts caused by the fevers associated with virus attacks. It provides support to the circulatory system, relaxes nerves; and relieves head discomforts.

   This herbal blend consumed as an specially designed infusion, will strengthen your immune system and enhance all your pathology prevention activities. The Immune System Shield® can be PURCHASED online from our pharmacy. It is also complementary to the other system infusions. We recommend considering the respiratory, cardiovascular, and endocrine system infusions found in our pharmacy as a next step to further strengthen your Covid-19 defense accompanied with improved nutrition, exercise, and sleep for a holistic approach to pathology prevention.

NOTE: This product and information about the product, are not intended to diagnose or treat any specific illness or disease. For diagnosis or treatment consult a health professional. Information provided on this site is for decision enablement, lifestyle change, and pathology prevention efforts only. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.

INTERACTIONS: Please review this herbal infusion’s possible interactions on its product page, under the ‘SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS’ tab.

WARNING: These are pharmaceutical grade herbs, please read the 'Safety Considerations' on the product tab before purchasing.

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