How to include PILOTING CHANGE PRACTICES within your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   Many successful lifestyle changes grow out of a medical crisis. This raises an important question: Does a person have to wait for a crisis before change is possible? At Pathology Prevention, for the Health Guardian, the answer is no. The Health Guardian can raise levels of concern and change focus on a current problematic situation, and challenge complacency, without resorting to “Crisis or Emergency mode” tactics. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why we aren’t concerned about physical exercise, diet, health records, or sleep.

   The Health Guardian is a change advocate and must pilot health changes using information from their health assessment, strategic health plan, national guidelines and published norms, randomly controlled health trials, and even observations by loved ones to gain an accurate perspective of current health and well-being. Many times, the Health Guardian fails to be concerned about the current and potential future health situations because the Health Guardian isn’t in touch with relevant data. In the absence of that data, everything appears to be fine.