Our herbal infusions can play a major role in the Health Guardian’s pathology prevention practice. These infusions are not intended to be a cure, but rather to be used for strengthening the organ systems in a holistic pathology prevention effort. With the body’s systems functioning properly, they can become a strong defense against viral, bacterial, and fungal attacks of today. These herbal infusions are intended to be used in conjunction with the other practices of the Health Guardian.

   The blend of herbs is dictated by which organ system the blend is intended to strengthen, i.g. for the Immune System Shield®, the Codonopsis Root is used as an antibiotic, for the Thyroid Booster® we use the Privet Fruit, and the Cardiovascular System Revitalizer® uses Valerian Root for an antibiotic. Each with different concentrations due to the other biomedical reagents derived from the specific plant compounds in each herb. All the actions designed for each of our infusions can be studied on the product page under the product’s ‘Indications’ page. Here you’ll begin to see why we’re so special.

   Of the 11 organ systems, we only have 5 system infusions that have passed our ridged testing and quality control so far. We have a few more, like one supporting the respiratory system, to be released in the late summer of 2020. Even though they have been developed, testing is still in progress, regardless of how promising, or size of market pressure. Please CONTACT us if necessary, and we'll put you on a waiting list, for as timely a product release as possible.

Product Image Short Description
The Digestive System Normalizer®

    This herbal infusion of 16 pharmaceutical grade herbs seeks to maintain normal digestive system performance, it’s called achieving “homeostasis”. While using herbal actions that leverage blood flow to cleanse and conduct functional repairs, the Digestive System Normalizer®  will support a holistic approach to health and fitness.

The Immune System Shield®

   Our herbal infusion leverages the plant compounds of 15 pharmaceutical grade herbs. The resulting infusion provides the most holistic immune system approach for shielding our bodies against common pathologies, leveraging the healthy function of multiple systems – Building a shield that is greater than the sum of the parts.

The Nervous System Stabilizer®

   Our perceived and unperceived environments play a large role in destabilizing the Nervous System. This infusion of 12 pharmaceutical grade herbs is designed to help maintain balance - a compromise between relaxation and stimulation.

The Cardiovascular System Revitalizer®

   Our Cardiovascular System Revitalizer® puts new life, vitality, and energy back into your veins, blood, and heart. This infusion of 13 pharmaceutical grade herbs helps cleanse the blood and catalyze the physiological actions needed to perform functional repair throughout your cardiovascular system.

The Urinary System Fortifier®

   Our Urinary System Fortifier® infusion of 16 pharmaceutical grade herbs strengthens the urinary system and defends against environmental pathogens, toxins, and malfunction. By increasing blood flow to critical organs, nutrients, and oxygen in the blood, it helps to rapidly dispose of foreign invaders.

The Kidney Restorator®

  The Kidney Restorator® is designed to aid in blood flow, catalyze liver function, conduct some cellular repair when possible, and prevent further damage. It attempts to restore normal functions of the urinary system with what is left in your kidneys. This herbal infusion of 9 pharmaceutical grade herbs will seem to restore what magic your kidneys once had.

The Cancer Treatment Companion®

   The purpose of this infusion is to leverage synergistic relationships between antitumor herbs, system wellness, and whatever treatment you may be receiving. Our infusion helps to strengthen the endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, nervous, urinary, and digestive systems using 11 pharmaceutical grade herbs.

The Bladder Regulator®

  The Bladder Regulator® supports strong water removal, functional and cellular repair, calming and cleansing, and blood flow physiological actions. This is an herbal infusion of 13 pharmaceutical grade herbs, providing a holistic approach to the strengthening of both the digestive and urinary systems.

The Irritable Bowel Pacifier®

   Causes of IBS include lesions, microbes, fungus, viruses, bacteria, and even tumors. Regardless of immediate cause, the approach for wellness is to flush out pathogens, heal tissue, and strengthen muscle fibers. Our infusion of 9 pharmaceutical grade herbs will strengthen your bowels and other upstream contributors. 

The Liver Rejuvenator®

   The liver is one of the few organs that can repair itself. Of course, like everything else - this 'depends'. Our Liver Rejuvenator® herbal infusion of 13 pharmaceutical grade herbs designed to increase your odds of a healthier liver. By taking a holistic approach, we also help prevent down-stream constraints such as kidney issues caused by a more lively liver.  

The Lymphatic Enhancer®

   The Lymphatic System, a subsystem of the Immune System, helps rid the body toxins, viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens, waste and other unwanted materials. Our infusion of of 9 pharmaceutical grade herbs, are highly specialized to help strengthen the lymphatic and immune systems. 

The Vascular Strengthener®

   It's just plain economics, get your supply to where the demand is the greatest. Our Vascular Strengthener® does just that. This infusion of 10 pharmaceutical grade herbs will safely stimulate the circulatory function, producing a holistic approach to your pathology prevention efforts.