How to include a PRIMARY CARE - PEDIATRICS PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans.

   Primary Care is the day-to-day healthcare given by the Health Guardian. Typically, this health provider acts as the first contact and principal point of continuing care in a self-care and holistic care environment. The Health Guardian coordinates with other primary care and specialist care providers that the patient may need.

   Primary care in a pediatric environment involves the widest scope of healthcare, with all manner of developmental issues of physical, mental and social health. Consequently, the Pediatric Health Guardian must possess a wide breadth of knowledge in many areas.

   Continuality is a key characteristic of the Pediatric Health Guardian, as young people usually prefer to consult with the same person for routine check-ups and preventive care, health and hygiene education, or every time they require an initial consultation about a new health problem. This makes their parents an ideal first step. Collaboration among providers is a desirable characteristic of Pediatric Health Guardian.