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The Household pantry enables the practices of the Health Guardian. As such, the pantry is religiously protected and managed by the Health Guardian. From a management point of view, if the pantry is short of something, it’s the Health Guardian who must find an alternative. In an emergency, not having what you need could be a show stopper, it can be a matter of life and death - something no Health Guardian wants to be responsible for.

The famous question, “Where is this or where is that?” always confronts the Health Guardian. In preparation for this question, we maintain an inventory sheet, and put labels on shelves. We know where everything is. Why? so we can get what we need when we need it.

We aren't talking about First Responder Equipment, but simple things such as stomach ache medicine, band-aids, pain medicine, burn ointment, etc., these items should be easily available when needed. No one wants to be taking a journey through shelves and shelves of food stuff when you have someone not feeling well, depending on you to provide them comfort and help, that’s when all your preparation as a Health Guardian becomes real, you need to find your tools, and get to them quickly.

A well-stocked pantry is used by the Health Guardian to provide healthy nutritious food when it's time to eat. If the pantry isn’t well organized and stocked, it makes the job of providing nutritious food and meals much more difficult, maybe even looking to a neighbor for help, hopefully they have more than a cup of sugar.

So who is this Health Guardian? A Health Guardian is a person, male or female, that feels, normally deeply feels, responsibility to others for providing at least some type of leadership, direction, and health care for themselves and/or others.

What makes a Health Guardian different is the study and preparation they are continually seeking in order to provide better service to those they care for. The Health Guardian is concerned about pathology prevention, and knowns how to cooperate with professional health care providers when needed. It's about self-reliance and cooperation.

The Health Guardian works with a personally selected health care team, working together to provide the best health experience for all involved. Pathology prevention isn’t about avoidance, or only looking for alternatives to modern health care, but doing the things they can do, knowing how to provide information to their health care team when it's needed, and leaving the medical technical stuff for the professions. 

The pantry, and especially the medical pantry, enables the Health Guardian to provide preventive care for those they care for, it readies the Health Guardian to do everything they can to prevent an escalation of emotional drama, medical trauma, and multiple sources of preventable costs. 


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