PathologyPrevention Using Soups

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   Diet - the noun – is a long-term lifestyle decision. Diet, the verb, is a short-term reactionary decision. The Health Guardian figures out how to create a nutritious, healthy, long-term diet that keeps you going strong for years and years. It’s a lifestyle thing, not a fad thing. As part of this lifestyle, there should be room for the practice of combining broth with your herbal teas designed to strengthen various organ systems, as a beginning of a soup. Over a month, this soup foundation should be consumed to provide strength and well-being over all 11 of the organ systems.

   Your cells, tissues, and organs of these systems don’t work properly under just any conditions. They need certain nutrients in order to do the work of keeping you alive and healthy. Without those nutrients, the cells begin to malfunction, even die. If you aren’t providing the right nutrients and environment for your cells, they won’t work as well as they could, and a malfunction at the cellular level, could eventually impact any aspect of your health. This type of herbal soup acts as a booster to your system cells as part of a proactive approach, and adjustment to your system’s over all wellness and pathology prevention capability.

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