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Where is the data sourced from?

Nutrition information on MyFoodData.com is sourced from the USDA Food Data Central.

We make every effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data we report. Every page with nutrition information will link back directly to the USDA data source.

See the official documentation for more information on the USDA data.

Health claims on the website have citations with appropriate scientific studies in the references section of the articles. In cases where scientific studies conflict, the health claims have been noted as controversial to alert readers.

Who uses this site?

This site is intended for both the general public and health professionals who want to create meal plans and lists of foods for dietary guidance.

About Advertising On The Website

The free version of this website uses advertisements to fund the production of the tools and articles.


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The information on MyFoodData.com is not intended to replace the consultation of a nutritionist or other certified health provider, but it is intended to inform readers so they can have a more constructive conversation with their health professionals. There are many contradictions and controversies in the field of nutrition, this website is intended to inform the reader so that he/she can make the best decision for their health.

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