PathologyPrevention Using Fruit-Infusions

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   Fruit juice is considered a nutritional no-no, due to high-sugar and low-fiber ratios. But wait, don’t throw the idea out quite yet. Fruit Juice with herbals can be a powerful tool for the Heath Guardian. It has been shown that orange juice can help prevent inflammation, especially important in the chronology of chronic disease progression, inflammation is at first subclinical, often referred to as “silent inflammation.” This insidious inflammation remains below the threshold of clinical diagnosis. Cellular and tissue damage occurs in the body for years before being noticed. It is like a “smoldering” fire with a small whiff of smoke and heat being evident before it finally bursts into flame. Some refer to early chronic disease as a “smoldering disease."

Drinking a couple of glasses of orange juice prevents the inflammation that can be triggered by a high-fat meal. Lemonade thwarts kidney stones, and grape juice boosts brain function. Cranberry juice keeps your digestive system healthy, and prune juice helps with digestion. We shouldn’t forget the pomegranate juice packed with disease fighting antioxidants. The Health Guardian must remember, moderation in everything, and maintain a healthy balance. Fruit juices decidedly have a place in pathology prevention on a daily basis.

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