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Where is the data sourced from?

Nutrition information on is sourced from the USDA Food Data Central.

We make every effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data we report. Every page with nutrition information will link back directly to the USDA data source.

See the official documentation for more information on the USDA data.

Health claims on the website have citations with appropriate scientific studies in the references section of the articles. In cases where scientific studies conflict, the health claims have been noted as controversial to alert readers.

Who uses this site?

This site is intended for both the general public and health professionals who want to create meal plans and lists of foods for dietary guidance.

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The free version of this website uses advertisements to fund the production of the tools and articles.


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The information on is not intended to replace the consultation of a nutritionist or other certified health provider, but it is intended to inform readers so they can have a more constructive conversation with their health professionals. There are many contradictions and controversies in the field of nutrition, this website is intended to inform the reader so that he/she can make the best decision for their health.

Nutritionix Track is a fitness tracking app developed and maintained by a team of registered dietitians. Making fitness tracking a daily habit is an effective way to work towards your health goals, so the mission of the Track app is to take the heavy-lifting out of keeping up with your food log. Track’s simplicity and efficiency is why our users don’t just give food logging a try – they stick with it.

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Log all of your foods in as little as 60 seconds per day thanks to the following features:

- Predictive search

- State-of-the-art Natural Language processing technology

- Instant barcode scanning

What can I track?

- Food intake

- Nutrient totals

- Exercise

- Weight and weight progress

- Calorie and macro goals

- Water intake

The unrivalled Nutritionix database offers:

- 800K+ unique foods

- Coverage of 95% of grocery items in the US and Canada

- 760+ US restaurant chain menus

- Thousands of common foods recipes created by our in-house team of dietitians

- We are adding and updating hundreds of foods every day!

Create custom recipes and food items:

- Advanced recipe creation tool for logging custom recipes in seconds

- Custom Foods tool for one-off items

- Share your recipes easily!

Additional features

- Download your data as a spreadsheet with our Export feature

- Keep tabs on your progress with the Stats view

- Sync your Track nutrition, weight and active energy data with Apple health with our push/pull feature.

- Fitbit sync


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   A common concept among holistically orientated practitioners such as the Health Guardian, is that a human being is a self-healing individual, and at best, all a medical practitioner can do is facilitate this profound inner process. Addressing pathology prevention is relatively straightforward, but health is much more an active state of well-being than the absence of disease.

GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS: Food provides energy and building material for countless substances that are essential for the growth and survival of every human being. To address nutrition, we must consider at least an overview of digestion, absorption, transportation, and excretion of nutrients at every system's level. These processes convert complex foodstuffs into individual nutrients ready to be used in metabolism. Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates each contribute to the total energy pool, but ultimately the energy they yield is available for the work of the muscles and organs of the body. The way nutrients become integral parts of the body and contribute to proper functioning depends heavily on the physiologic and biochemical processes that govern their actions. It is now known that these metabolic processes are altered in the presence of acute and chronic inflammation.

   The tablet or capsule is the most commonly used oral dosage form, but is also often the most complex to make. The process of making capsules involves compressing the herb, which results in a reduction in effective surface area. The herb starts out as a very fine powder, but then is compressed into a single dosage unit. Certain capsule ingredients are included to add various physical properties to the therapeutic properties of the herb.

   In addition to your diet goals, consideration about your strategy is also important. There are 8 strategic variations to macronutrient diets. In specific circumstances, some of these are healthier than others. Which diet you chose typically depends on a series of trade-offs and compromises. One may maximize carbohydrate intakes while lowering both fats and proteins as an example of one variation.

   Alcohol is a better solvent than water for most plant constituents. A mixture of alcohol and water will dissolve nearly all the relevant ingredients of an herb and at the same time, and act as a preservative. The method given here for the preparation of tinctures describes a simple and general approach. For home use, an alcohol of at least 30% concentration (60 proof) will suffice, as this is about the weakest alcohol-water mixture that still provides a long-term preservative action. Vodka is usually a good choice, although other types of alcohol can also be used.

   Diet - the noun – is a long-term lifestyle decision. Diet, the verb, is a short-term reactionary decision. The Health Guardian figures out how to create a nutritious, healthy, long-term diet that keeps you going strong for years and years. It’s a lifestyle thing, not a fad thing. As part of this lifestyle, there should be room for the practice of combining broth with your herbal teas designed to strengthen various organ systems, as a beginning of a soup. Over a month, this soup foundation should be consumed to provide strength and well-being over all 11 of the organ systems.

   Fruit juice is considered a nutritional no-no, due to high-sugar and low-fiber ratios. But wait, don’t throw the idea out quite yet. Fruit Juice with herbals can be a powerful tool for the Heath Guardian. It has been shown that orange juice can help prevent inflammation, especially important in the chronology of chronic disease progression, inflammation is at first subclinical, often referred to as “silent inflammation.” This insidious inflammation remains below the threshold of clinical diagnosis. Cellular and tissue damage occurs in the body for years before being noticed. It is like a “smoldering” fire with a small whiff of smoke and heat being evident before it finally bursts into flame. Some refer to early chronic disease as a “smoldering disease."

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