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   A common concept among holistically orientated practitioners such as the Health Guardian, is that a human being is a self-healing individual, and at best, all a medical practitioner can do is facilitate this profound inner process. Addressing pathology prevention is relatively straightforward, but health is much more an active state of well-being than the absence of disease.

   Health Guardians use herbal remedies to help prevent or cure disease. However, some warnings are in order, there are many unscrupulous sellers out there. Herbal remedies are not regulated like medicines. Herbals may not be tested before they are sold. Herbals may not work as claimed due to the variance in potency and many other uncontrollable factors and agendas. Labels do not need to be approved. Labels may not list the correct amount of an ingredient. Some herbal remedies may contain ingredients or contaminants not listed on the label.

   Cooperation among health practitioners of different therapeutic modalities can create a geodesic relationship of extraordinary potential and strength. In such a scenario, differences lead to a celebration of the richness of therapeutic diversity and are no longer a cause for angry, bitter debate and conflict.

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