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   For many of us, our history with change makes this possibility hard to imagine. For the Health Guardian, it is this possibility that we commit to, and turn change efforts into reality. In this department, we introduce you to The Health Guardian’s Change Roadmap (HGCR), change process methodologies that dramatically increase your ability to navigate your desired health changes, and its transformation, successfully. The HGCR has been developed through thirty years of application in medical context across all types of efforts from, weight loss, fitness, nutritional diets, sleeping, and living with chronic disease. It will help you plan, design, and implement a comprehensive change strategy and process plan to deliver your results at optimal speed, effort, and cost.

   The Health Guardian’s Change Roadmap (HGCR), will build your confidence in how best to attend to the most challenging aspects of transformation-the human dynamics-helping you design a change process that engenders commitment and engagement of those being impacted, and devotes needed attention to mindset, behavior, and culture change. The HGCR will help you stay on track when new information or circumstances arise that would otherwise thwart your effort with conflict, chaos, and resistance.

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