How to include a LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   The factors of lifestyle that are commonly considered to impact health are nutrition, mental health, physical exercise, spiritual health, environment, and healthcare. Of course, the absence of some activities such as self-mutilation, drug and alcohol abuse, and smoking are implied. But what about other lifestyle choices that the Health Guardian could consider?

   Social Wellness can be interpreted (in a broad sense) to be those you directly exchange ideas with, those who impact your decision making, and even those you observe in social media or other media such as movies and billboard ads, but never exchange ideas with. This is your sphere of influencers. All those who stimulate your thinking and decision-making processes. The entirety of this sphere becomes additional factors of your Social Wellness. There are Social Wellness practices that the Health Guardian can employ to address chronic illness and pathology prevention objectives.

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