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GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS: Health agencies worldwide recognize that, for threats such as new influenza strains, Coronavirus, SARS and Ebola, hygiene is the first line of defense during the early critical period before measures such as new vaccination can become available for the masses. This includes physical distancing and hygiene.

   Antibiotic resistance is now a global priority. Hygiene addresses this problem by reducing the need for antibiotic prescribing and reducing the “silent” spread of antibiotic resistant strains in the community and hospitals. As persistent nasal or bowel carriage of these bacterial and viral strains spreads in the healthy population, this increases the risk of infection from these new and resistant strains of pathogens, in both hospitals and the community.

   The good news is that it’s in our control to mount the first line of defense, making time for health agencies to provide additional lines of defense. This is a team effort, but it begins at the individual level, family, and community levels.

ISSUES: Targeted hygiene means recognizing that the main sources of harmful microbes and viruses are not places which are ‘dirty’, but in contaminated air, surfaces, food, and water, domestic animals (pets), and people who are infected or are healthy carriers of potentially harmful microbes and viruses. Since the presence of these potential sources of infection in the home is inevitable, one way to protect ourselves from infection is by preventing the spread of harmful microbes and viruses from these sources.

Within the home, there are 5 ways to prevent illness.


  1. NUTRITION The better you eat, the stronger your immune system can become. Herbal remedies can empower and strengthen the immune system and other organ systems in your efforts of pathology prevention.
  2. SLEEP Don’t dismiss the value of sleep, especially when talking about viral infections such as the common cold and the flu.
  3. STRESS During the challenging times before ‘official’ ways of combating infection are established, stress levels typically rise. Use good stress management practices and participate in emotional and spiritual activities.
  4. EXERCISE If you don’t have daily exercise yet, consider private walks or hikes, calisthenics, and yoga in the home can all provide plenty of health building exercises. Remember, those white blood cells critical in the immune defense come from your healthy bone marrow.
  5. HERBAL BLENDS Herbal remedies can strengthen the immune system, and the other organ systems, including the interrelationships between them to fortify your home efforts of pathology prevention.

STRATEGIES: Targeted hygiene also means recognizing that the times or situations when harmful microbes and viruses are most likely to be spread i.e. during food handling, using the toilet, coughing, sneezing, nose blowing, caring for domestic animals, handling and disposing of refuse, or where a family member is infectious and is shedding infectious microbes or viruses into the home environment by vomiting or diarrhea, or by touching foods or hand contact with surfaces.

In short, getting people to adopt targeted hygiene means getting them to visualize the chain of infection, and understand that targeted hygiene for pathology prevention is about breaking that chain.

   Habits and lifestyles may need to change as we must rely more on controlling our environment through hygiene, and less through commercial drugs. Clean hands are essential in breaking the chain of infection. If done incorrectly, hand washing may not provide any protection. Reviewing the 6 steps of handwashing at targeted times throughout your day could save yours, and the lives of your loved ones.  


INTERACTIONS: Be ware, interactions are important to us all, but each person we come into contact with could be a pathogen carrier. Beware, interactions are important to us all, but each person we come into contact with could be a pathogen carrier. Pathogens can impact and cause unbalance in all your organ systems. The best defense is a holistic approach to pathology prevention provided by our herbal infusions in conjuction with a targeted hygiene approach. 

WARNINGS: Maintain the proper physical distance. Wear facemasks when appropriate. Washing hands is critical, but it can be over done and cause burns and abrasions, use a mild soap.

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