How to include a HUMANISTIC PERSPECTIVE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   The eight mental health perspectives are balanced by the Health Guardian to provide a holistic lens needed for primary mental healthcare and pathology prevention. This supports an improved mental health capability leading to self-reliance, increasing wellness, and an abundant life.

  The Humanist asserts the existence of two separate and sometimes confused ideas: that of the self, and that of a self-concept. Humanists regard the self not as mind or a thing, but rather as a propensity. It is a “process” or a “becoming”, not a static and unchanging structure. This is not to be confused with the notion of self-concept, which is formed by society and what we believe others may think of us.

    The humanist distinguishes between the ideas or concepts people have about their selves and their actual selves. A concept about the self is a mental representation of one’s self. One’s self-concept can be an accurate representation (congruent) or a misrepresentation (incongruent) or the actual self. The concern is with the relationship between people’s ideas and the referent of those ideas—the actual self.