How to include a FRUIT INFUSION PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   Fruit juices are an excellent way of taking medical herbs and pathogen prevention. Fresh green herbs of spring, such as dandelion root are most useful in this form. Juices may be made at home using either a juicer or a blender. As an example of an herbal juice consider the juice of dandelion. This juice is prepared by subjecting the bruised fresh dandelion root to pressure, adding to the expressed juice 1/3 of its volume of alcohol, allowing the mixture to stand for 7 days, and filtering. This juice is considered by many Health Guardians to be more effective than the liquid extract prepared from the dried root. Note: Liquor Dandelion is prepared by adding the alcohol to the bruised fresh root before expression. To this juice add 1 cup of fruit juice for every teaspoon of herbal juice.

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