How to include an EPIGENETIC PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   As your own Health Guardian, imagine creating your health plan based on known susceptibilities and environmental influences so that the plan optimizes wellness and prevents disease. Chronic disease is a lifestyle disease, the result of lifelong inappropriate daily choices, particularly nutrition, interacting with each individual’s genetic makeup, and their DNA. Epigenetics are the triggering actions surrounding strands of your DNA - activating some strands, deactivating others.

   Epigenetic alterations change how our genes are expressed, it should not surprise us that individuals are unique, identical twins included. We each have a distinctive set of experiences, and since those experiences influence the activity of genes that alter the structure and chemistry of our bodies’ cells – thereby altering the structure and functioning of our bodies themselves – we each look and act like unique individuals, even in the rare situation where two individuals share the same DNA. This is why “identical” twins are not, in fact, identical.