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   In addition to your diet goals, consideration about your strategy is also important. There are 8 strategic variations to macronutrient diets. In specific circumstances, some of these are healthier than others. Which diet you chose typically depends on a series of trade-offs and compromises. One may maximize carbohydrate intakes while lowering both fats and proteins as an example of one variation.

   Generally accepted diets such as the Whole-Food diet, Mediterranean diet, Paleo diet, Vegan diet, and Gluten-Free diet expand these variations by controlling the source of these macronutrients while also considering the source of both vitamins and minerals needed for healthy systems function and sustainability.

   The objective of this department is to provide the Health Guardian with the required background information needed to define a diet strategy which stays within given constraints, yet diagnoses food as part of a medicine prescription needed to treat chronic illness, increase self-reliance and wellness resulting in the highest levels of pathology prevention.

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