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What a Christmas! On my dead-end street, where people come to retire, all my neighbors had Covid, which was scary for all of us. I don’t care what you say, some had vaccinations and others didn’t and all I know is that everyone on the street got sick.

Nutrition counseling with patients is an effective way to manage numerous long-term and chronic illnesses. Having a dedicated dietician or nutritionist as part of your care team can help patients reach their personal health goals and those set forth by the Health Guardian.

What if your new healthy diet is met with zero reactions or even hostile response by your Family or friends? They may consider it an inconvenience and try to ignore it or declare that eating healthy is no big deal, even though you’re working hard at it. Let’s discuss some ways to turn this around.

   In addition to your diet goals, consideration about your strategy is also important. There are 8 strategic variations to macronutrient diets. In specific circumstances, some of these are healthier than others. Which diet you chose typically depends on a series of trade-offs and compromises. One may maximize carbohydrate intakes while lowering both fats and proteins as an example of one variation.