How to include a CULTURAL WELLNESS PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   I’d like to say, “We all are part of at least one culture." Unfortunately, I’ve found this to be inaccurate, there are some unfortunate souls very sick, who have left their families long ago. They live truly isolated lives, and don’t even have a favorite TV show. This degree of solitude has proven to be unhealthy. Cultural Health is concerned with being engaged in multiple cultures, being affected by those cultures, and contributing to the health of each. In return, these cultures improve our overall health in many ways, physically, menatlly, and spiritually. The Health Guardian thinks ‘Pollyanna’ here. They foster a cultural atmosphere that helps cultivate and support healthy lifestyle choices. The Health Guardian works in collaboration with diverse groups to create positive transformational health opportunities.

   As we participate in virtual cultures such as those found in social media, online games, and virtual communities, we’re exposing ourselves to cultural impacts. At your place of employment (even if you work from home) you experience at least one culture, but normally there is a principal business culture and then multiple subcultures within every group you are exposed to. There are cultures encasing your church groups, school classes, sports groups, ... , even the small grocery store you prefer over the large chain, exposes you to a culture. That may be why you go there, you like how it makes you feel.

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