How to include
CLINICAL STRATEGY within your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   The Health Guardian must consider how chronic care and pathology prevention objectives will be achieved. This plan is defined in the Health Guardian’s clinical strategy, which should not be overly complicated, but must address the method of performing these five objectives of a pathology prevention practice. The Health Guardian needs to plan a method of cultivating a spirit of inquiry within their evidence-based practice (EBP). They must identify how to maintain a spirit of inquiry where they encourage themselves to question current practices. They need to specify their philosophy, mission, clinical promotion system, and evaluation process that incorporate EBP and the EBP competencies. They should identify a cadre of EBP mentors, who have in-depth knowledge and skills in EBP, how to mentor others, and overcome barriers to individual change. The strategy should specify the selected infrastructure that will be providing tools to enhance their EBP practice such as computers, database access, management software, along with educational and skills building opportunities.