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   For the person moving toward the self-actualization of her/his values, they increasingly become other-oriented. Such a mental stance allows the listener to love the other for who they are. It strips the judgmental attitude of being ‘holier than thou.’ The Health Guardian, enjoys this opportunity to move towards self-actualization as they reach out and help others with their experiences in pathology prevention.

   People of all walks of life have this opportunity daily. It is not the giving of an empty handout, rather, it is a daily venture of truly listening to what the other person needs at that time. When a Health Guardian truly can hear her/his clients, they know what the client needs. Sometimes, frequently, it is passionate words which release an unnecessary sense of guilt. Sometimes, the person needs a two-by-four across the head, as only a best friend could get away with.

   The Health Guardian can suggest behaviors that are recognized as those which lead to self-actualization. For pathology prevention, you need to be present. The un-self-conscious ability to be wholly absorbed in the present. Self-actualization, means experiencing fully, vividly, selflessly, with full concentration and total absorption. It means experiencing without the self-consciousness of the adolescent. At this moment of experiencing, the person is wholly and fully human. This is a self-actualizing moment. This is a moment where the self is actualizing itself.

   Be aware of your choices. Throughout our days, we are consistently presented with choices. Many of these choices, we could classify each option as being either progressive or regressive. Rather than instinctively choosing the safe, fear-motivated option, we need to be aware of our choices and whether they encourage growth. Self-actualization is an on-going process. It means making each of the single choices about whether to lie or be honest, whether to steal or not steal at a particular point, and it means to make each of these choices as a growth choice.

   Get to know yourself. To talk of self-actualization, implies there is a ‘self’ to be actualized. A human being, according to the Humanistic Theory, is not a lump of clay or Plasticine. He/She is something with agency that is already there. Rather than consult society, your peers, or the establishment about how you should feel and think about something, get to know your internal self. Far more often than we realize, we offload our opinions to authority, but it's in those opinions that we can identify our true selves.

   Most of the time, be honest. Not all of the time — sometimes we need to be diplomatic, or polite. Being truly honest, especially with oneself, is a method of taking responsibility. The Health Guardian can see it, can feel it, can know the moment of responsibility. Then there is a clear knowing of what it feels like. This is one of the great steps. Each time one takes responsibility, this is an actualizing of the self.

   Don’t worry about conformity. Part of learning more about yourself means that you can more often rely on yourself to make judgements. Various authorities act as arbiters of taste, but when you understand yourself better, you'll also understand what works for you and what does not. The Health Guardian acknowledges that relying on yourself may not make you popular with everybody, and being okay with that is something believed indispensable for self-actualization.

   Self-actualize continuously. Self-actualization is not an end state. It is the process of actualizing one's potentialities at any time, in any amount. Self-actualization is a process, and it's a difficult one. If you are ‘meant’ to be a fantastic musician or an inspiring leader, you won't be satisfied with being just a decent musician or a decent leader. Self-actualized individuals are constantly working to be the best they can be.

   Recognize peak experiences. These peak experiences are transient moments of self-actualization, brief moments of beauty and wonder. Everybody experiences them to some degree, but the Health Guardian can’t pass these experiences out. Instead, each person must recognize them when they do happen as they can point you in the right direction for your self-actualization. The Health Guardian can at best help you see the experiences after the fact, and help build confidence.

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