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What a Christmas! On my dead-end street, where people come to retire, all my neighbors had Covid, which was scary for all of us. I don’t care what you say, some had vaccinations and others didn’t and all I know is that everyone on the street got sick.

On the other hand, I’ve been drinking Pathology Prevention’s Whole-Body Protection infusion for seven months, and I didn’t get as sick as they did. I found myself helping my neighbors, snow blow their driveways, getting their mail, going to the store, and getting things they needed to get better, while maintaining proper distances and wearing a mask. I paid particular attention to Jack Wilson, most people call him JW, he lives next door to me, he is a 70-year-old widower, and doesn’t get out much.

Visiting each neighbor, I brought a Pulse Oximeter I had gotten for myself, this measures people’s oxygen levels in their blood, helping to see if a hospital visit is needed.  According to some of my neighbors, JW’s oxygen level was critical, and he may need to go to the hospital. I talked with JW about his oxygen level, and he wanted to avoid the hospital, because he was afraid of being exposed to other things.

While visiting with JW, I noticed he hadn’t been eating, he looked like he had lost about 15-20 lbs., I was shocked, not seeing him since his wife’s funeral 6 months ago. I wanted to talk with JW about his weight loss, but first I needed to help him drink more water, so I went to the store and got him some vitamin water, which seemed to help him. I went back to see him in a couple of days, and he just wasn’t interested in eating. After talking with him for a while, this had more to do with missing his wife and depression, COVID just exasperated everything. Sometimes, you just don’t know what your neighbors are going through.

One of my neighbors is a self-proclaimed nutritionist, she has more experience than I have, so I did was she told me to, I was able to get JW to set some nutrition goals to help him eat more steadily.

As my neighbors got better from COVID, they agreed to help JW. We had him eating dinner at a different neighbor’s home each evening, allowing, us not only to help him overcome his depression and eat steadily, but to pack his dinners with nutritional dense foods, on the advice of the “nutritionist.”

Going into the beginning of February, JW is looking better, and my whole neighborhood has come a little closer together.

This experience has taught us how nutrition is an important part of our health, and how as neighbor’s we can pull together, making a difference.


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