How to include a CELLULAR PHYSIOLGY PRACTICE in your Pathology Prevention plans. 

   The human body is a wondrous and inspiring system; a complex system of smaller systems, composed of even smaller systems. The Health Guardian must understand each of these levels of physiology, their independent functions, their interdependencies, and the impact each has on the holistic functions of our bodies. The conceptual organ systems are separated into specialized groups of organs contributing to the functions of the holistic system. These organs consist of specialized tissue contributing to each organ’s unique and general physiology. Then again, the tissue depends upon the functioning of a specialized cellular physiology for its contribution to the organ.

   Within each of these independent subsystems, there is lots of room for variance and opportunities for the Health Guardian to impact their functioning, yet from our holistic view, we can find a level of certainty, and dependability. We can sometimes find pathology prevention direction and understanding by addressing the cellular physiology in terms of the larger systems.