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   We provide a broad set of best-practices, training, and products, proven to help prevent illnesses and facilitate collaborative medicine, collaborating with other primary care providers, and not competing against them. Your pathology prevention efforts will  increase wellness, quality of life, and self-reliance. There is no need to feel helpless when it comes to your health care. Your efforts can make a difference.

   The information posted on this site is preparatory for practice and future course work in the Health Guardian Certification program. No medical experience is required to start and gain health benefits. Articles tagged “Entry” require less experience than those tagged “Intermediate”. Both article levels prepare you for successful completion of the Health Guardian courses. Sponsoring companies, such as employers and insurance providers, typically require certification for reimbursement. 

 Currently, medical grade infusions engineered for pathology prevention are being offered in the pharmacy. Food as medicine, vitamins, equipment, and capsules are some of the pharmacy offerings planned for the future.

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   As we age, maintaining good health isn’t good enough for most of us. We need to increase our health to enjoy the quality of life we’ve dreamed of. Yet, most approaches to pathology prevention and chronic illness just attempt to maintain our current situation, and sometimes not even that. Moreover, these approaches make us dependent upon long-term pharmaceuticals and expensive doctor visits.

   There is another way. Step-by-step, you can put the above practices into place, prevent future dependencies, and slowly reduce your current health issues. Of course, visit your physician when needed, but most primary care can be addressed with a little preventative practice. This reduces time and money spent on doctor visits, and can even reduce your need for specialists. 

   What would you do if you were feeling better, less tired, not waiting on another test, and step-by-step becoming more self-reliant? People are doing it every day, join them, and enjoy increasing wellness the rest of your life.

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Herbal Infusions

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Herbal Capsules

   Currently, the only department we have open is our Department of Herbal Infusions. We post these other icons to let you know what we’re working on. If you have an interest in one of the others, please contact us. We should chat, for while the other departments aren’t open, we may be able to help.

   We are very proud of our herbal infusions, and decided to make these first ones available, instead of waiting for them all to be cleared. These infusions are made with pharmaceutical grade herbs, developed to deliver specific biochemical actions holistically. Within each product's description, please review the Indications tab. You will see why these are so special. There is no other place in the world where you can get such a holistic pathology prevention capability.

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